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Friday, April 29, 2011

What is love?

Love is very valuable. We can’t explain about love in our life. We can get love as lovely experience. It does not know to destroy to other lives. More persons are cheating to others with love and cheating by others. Life is not without love. Love is not only belongs to lovers. It is belongs to between parents, relations and friends. So, change to your mind lovely in love. Then, your heart will be freely.
More lovers and some persons are dieing (with suicide) because of their problems. Actually, they are increasing to their problems and in their family also. Is it good?

If there is any problem, then there is solution in your thinking. Then, your problem is solved. Problems can create pains. But, they can’t kill. It is not my advice and Philosophy words. It is my words of confident.

The history shows one thing that secret is the suicide candidates are can’t go to heaven. They go to hell must and should. Heaven is belongs to understanding lives, not suicide lives. Hell is very danger than real life hell. God created souls. But, we are destroying our souls with suicides, bad habits and sins.

Man’s misfortunes are concerned to his sins. Not belongs to god. Then, why insult to god. More persons praise to god in happiness and insult to god in sad. What a foolish mind us! God see every work of human. God knows everything. Life is in good understanding.